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Miami Art Exchange and Artlab33 | Art Space

may/JUNE 2010

Miami Art Exchange & Artlab33 | Art Space

Summer  has arrived and we have a full slate of activities to engage you with. Beginning in May we'll have a series of experimental, time based work on three evenings, in May, June and July. It's called, Three-by-Six, and it's expected to be exciting.

In June, we have a major two person exhibition of painting and drawing at the gallery, RE/PRODUCING COMPLEXITY, featuring Raúl Perdomo and Liz Atzberger. See below.

Later this summer we will also be hosting a first Social Media Art Camp to help you become more efficient and effective in developing and engaging new relationships and audiences. This event for both individual artists and cultural organizations. A two day event, day one will feature a series of panels  discussing various applications and their effective use; day two will focus on hands-on training by some of S. Florida's leading tech gurus. They'll answer your questions in simple language and show you how to make your life simple by selectively choosing applications that will really help you reach your career or organizational goals. Date TBA.

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Preview Opening: Fri. 8 pm-10 pm - 11 June, 2010
Wynwood Art Walk Night: Sat. 7 pm–10:30 pm, 12 June

Artlab33 gallery opening May 2010Exhibition Dates: 12 June – 10 July, 2010

RE/PRODUCING COMPLEXITY at Artlab33 | Art Space features artists Raúl Perdomo and Liz Atzberger. Both artist's paintings and drawings take a similar route to reach their goals in a field of rich textures and enveloped in swirls of color.

“Re/Producing Complexity” refers to Complexity Theory and Chaos Theory, systems that are too complex to accurately predict their future, but nevertheless exhibit underlying patterns that can help us cope in an increasingly complex world. Obviously, visual representations are not the same as working with mathematical computations. However, both artists continue a longstanding tradition of exploration and experimentation with abstract phenomena as the route to their ends.

Artlab33 Art Space
2085-B NW 2nd Avenue,
Wynwood Art District,
Miami, Florida 33127

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Three-by-Six ~ Event Night #1: Thur. 27 May, 7:30-8:30 pm

Three-by-Six (“3x6”) is our summer media arts event, a cross between an art show and a film festival. On each selected evening, six curated short video, film, performance, sound, or other time-based combination works will be presented. Three-by-Six (“3x6”) will be held on the last Thursday of the month (Wynwood Art District’s Last Thursdays).


Larry Caveney - NC, US: "Dancing to Neil Diamond"
Karen Palmer - London, UK: "The Way"
Tina La Porta - FL, US: "Digital Footprint"
Alette Simmons-Jimenez - FL, US: "TBA"
and others...

Event #1 : #phrasesihate (a twitter trending topic) - on 27 May, 2010
Event #2: Likin' - on 24 June, 2010
Event #3: Obsess'n - on 29 July, 2010

"Why such weird themes?"

The themes are only a suggested starting point for the creative process, not a closed box. The themes are all currently circulating in the general culture, so there isn't something beyond any artist's ability to do a web search to see how highly inclusive they are. These are very broad platforms.

"Why have themes at all?"

We probably don't really need a theme but we thought they might be helpful to many since this program is a bit different than others in featuring different types of time-based activities at one event.

Three-by-Six (“3x6”) Submissions

Works must be: video, film, sound, performance, slideshow, or combination. Anything that can be projected or performed in real-time, no longer than six minutes in length. Shorter can be better!

No limitations are placed on what type of work can be submitted except: it must be able to be projected digitally, performed, played via sound system, or some combination, each piece is limited in length to 6 minutes, and no more than 6 will be selected for any one event.

Program #1 - 8 May, 2010 (1st deadline has expired)
Program #2 - 12 June, 2010
Program #3 - 12 July, 2010

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