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Special Project - Mangrove Mud Womp: Public Art & Gallery Exhibition

As artists, we are all passionate about something.

Onajide Shabaka's passion has been about Florida’s mangrove estuaries and using that environment as a platform for both creatively tapping into some of Florida’s most beautiful terrain, and looking at the hidden story of mangroves locally and around the world. It’s a history of people and migrations.

Your financial assistance will help his public art, gallery exhibition, and panel discussion come to fruition while providing some fun ways to learn about our local ecosystem and its varied mythology. Funding is necessary to produce the art works, and your assistance is key to the success of the project as a whole. You will receive art in exchange for your financial support.

Much of Florida’s coastline has been cleared of mangroves only now we realize the importance they have for both the fish and fowl that breed in the tidal estuaries, maintain a stable coastline during storms, and act as a barometer of our environmental health.

Mangrove Mud Womp - Artist-in-Residence

When is the residency?
Between November & December (excluding Art Basel Miami week).
Where is Anne Kolb Nature Center?
Address: 751 Sheridan St., Hollywood, FL - 954-926-2480 (Take the Sheridan exit from I-95 heading east. The entrance is just west of the draw bridge.
Please, forward to a friend! (more below...)

Mangrove Mud Womp

Mangrove Mud Womp is a two part project with funding for the initial phase at Anne Kolb Nature Center. At the conclusion of the creative research, and art making period, there will be a temporary on-site display, followed by a gallery exhibition at Florida Atlantic University downtown Fort Lauderdale campus. The art objects created here will be on display at this final gallery exhibition.

The Mangrove Mud Womp project will be a 6 week park residency during October and November working with the park’s licensed naturalist while creating a temporary outdoor installation consisting of sculptures and performances.

Thank you.

Mangrove Mud Womp - click to view full announcement
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Supported in part by a grant from Broward Cultural Division's Creative Investment Grant program.

Mangrove Mud Womp Rewards

“Water is Both the Barrier and the Passageway,” (1993) (above) based on a mangrove walk Shabaka continues to make in St. Lucie County. His first encounter with the mangrove estuary was in 1976, and it continues to attract his interest and creative energy.

"I have a connection with that place for a number or reasons, but my family moved to St. Lucie County in the 1920s, and some of them are buried there."


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