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August, 2008 Brought to you by

Announcing: The Power of Email Marketing

print collection 2008

The Power of Email Marketing

presented by:
Lisa Sparks
Regional Development Director - South Florida
Constant Contact

*Comprehensive Core Knowledge - Suitable for All Experience Levels
*Master email communications with this comprehensive look at best practices and winning strategies for getting and keeping quality subscribers, increasing deliverability and open rates, writing good headlines and content, saving time, getting readers to take action, and more.
*Plus - handouts from OPEN American Express for small business.

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Lisa Sparks is a marketing expert with nine years of experience developing and implementing marketing communications solutions for small and medium sized businesses. A small business owner herself, Lisa uses her expertise to teach small organizations in South Florida how to use technology to maximize the power of relationship marketing.

What: The Power of Email Marketing
When: Thursday, 28 August, 2008 - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Diaspora Vibe Gallery, 3938 North Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127

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New Beginning for

No more art events calendar. We are here to support those that are willing to share and build our arts and cultural community.

Artists have constantly requested a more prominent profile in the digital enviroment therefore, has a change in philosophy.

If you want to be part of it, showing your work online, doing studio visits, interviews, podcasting, come check us out! ARTLAB33.COM

Images and Voices of Hope


Coming up on Thursday, September 11 from noon to 4 p.m., Images and Voices of Hope will present HeArts of Courage, an event that will be held at The . Margulies Collection at the WAREhOUSE.. We will focus on the arts and its unique way of impacting the world. Countless people throughout time have been influenced or inspired by a book, a painting, a play or some other creative work. We will bring people together to reflect upon how we as artists or people in the arts do make a difference and bring about some form of change to communities and the world. Through our theme HeArts of Courage, we will also speak to the quality of courage that is needed to live and work as an artist. This event will consist of a thought provoking conversation as well as a showcase of a few people who have exhibited extraordinary courage in their lives as artists .

Images and Voices of Hope brings together people all over the world (Now for ten years) to consider how we can bring benefit to society. As people in the media and the arts, we are communicating many messages and images. What we say and how we say it through our work influences people. If we begin to see ourselves as agents for world benefit, the work we do will reflect this. It is our belief that as we inspire others, positive change will begin to occur in the world.

If you are interested in participating in this conversation which is free of charge, please contact or call 305-442-2252.

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