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Miami Art Exchange Bulletin

January, 2008 Brought to you by

Happening In 2008

2008 promises to be a fantastic year. We have had plans for a good while to bring successful members of our community together to share ways in which they have been successful that can also help us learn. That's how we all grow stronger, by sharing and supporting each other. This is what we believe and, we want to practice what we preach.

This email is has been sent only to a select few key members of our community in an initiative by Miami Art Exchange to spread the gospel of art. You are receiving this email because you are one of those key people.

Event Scheduling

You were contacted during our December 2007 art events in regards to your expertise or knowledge in a specific area in order to make a short informal presentation to our group, South Florida Artist Entrepreneurs. This group is now developing in Miami-Dade County after having been functioning in Broward County since August, 2007.

We are requesting from you a possible topic and date in order to pencil in your name. This also gives us the opportunity to find the best date and location for you to speak.

Our Broward location reserves the last Saturday of each month, with some allowances for necessary changes. Miami-Dade County does not have a preferred at the moment. Your input will assist in coming with the best date for our monthly Meetups.

Possible Topic: Contracts & Licensing Your Art
Possible Topic: After Art Basel Miami Beach
Possible Topic: Getting Your Tax Life Set - Accounting Matters
Possible Topic: Intro to the Public Art process
Possible Topic: How to Photograph Your Work for a Winning Proposal
Possible Topic: Developing a Proposal
Possible Topic: Financial Planning for Artists
Possible Topic: Setting up a Studio Work Flow
Possible Topic: How to Design and Use an Artist Web Site
Possible Topic: Getting Involved with Community Arts Programs
Possible Topic: Artists Studio Visit

We are looking for speakers to talk about:
1. Building Networks & Communities
2. Finding New Opportunities and Markets
3. Creative Thinking & Conceptualizing Products
4. Working with Fabricators & Manufacturers
5. Financial Planning & Accounting for Creative Professionals
6. Resume Building
7. Team Building & Collaboration
8. Archiving Your Work
9. Put your idea here

Growing Organization

The South Florida Artist Entrepreneurs Group, the network of local artist entrepreneurs that meets monthly to share tips and problem solving techniques, get financial and legal advice on art careers, and network, will be expanding to Miami-Dade County in 2008.

In an alliance with Carol Jazzar Contemprary Art, our first Meetup will be at her art space/gallery in Miami Shores. We will send out more information in January as the Meetup date draws nearer.

South Florida Artist Entrepreneurs Blog

Again, Thank You all for your continued support!