Tue, 28 June, 2005 will Relaunch on 15 July, 2005, exactly two years after the site went into private hands. Just as there were changes in 2003, there will be more changes.

First of all, the design of the site will only change slightly. However, some of the menu sections will change.

"Articles" section will remain but, the appearance of the section will change. In addition, the site search function will be located in that area to make it easier to find archived articles.

"Gallery" will formally become "Studio Praxis" to reflect the nature of this area as talking to artists one-on-one and learning about their art practice. This section will be more fully developed with some exciting things lined up in the near future. This is part of something that is extremely exciting. However, once the site is relaunched you'll get more details.

"Page 2" will be eliminated and become part of a new and, very good looking, calendar. The calendar will allow registered users to enter their own events. This is the breakthrough we've all been hoping for and, now, it's back on the site! My previous calendar only ceased to function because I moved the site to a different host. Now, I'm moving again but, this host is located in Broward.

Artists' books and publications will remain as part of the site, as well as MAEX Art Blog.

Also being more fully developed as a section will be this Newsletter. With the new database in place and, email functioning as part of it, the Newsletters will be much easier to send out. I've felt some frustration with the few Newsletters I've sent out but now, things will be totally integrated and smooth.

So, you have something to anticipate as I continue to convert this site into the database. It's a very time consuming process that has taken me a month to get to where I am today and, I still have much more to go. Even if everything isn't complete (image galleries), the site will relaunch on schedule.

Just another note but, and some other local organizations are working on a BBQ/ outdoor grill for some time this summer in either Miami-Dade or Broward Counties, and in Palm Beach County. Even if it has to be limited to a small number, the outdoor grill/ BBQ is in the planning stages.

Also, thanks to all those that I've spoken with in person over the past two months. It's always a pleasure, even if you prefer not to leave comments. Face-to-face contacts is very meaningful to me so, I thank you all.

Talk soon,





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