Thu, 28 April, 2005


Even if you don't check back in the article archive, those pages are finally, if slowly, being reformatted to the most current layout. Since we have so many pages it takes a lot of time. Remember, this site started in October, 2000.

Studio Visits is also slowly getting back on track. I hope everything will remain on track so that you, the readers, won't get treated to one Studio Visit for longer than necessary. Maybe I should include a curator or, museum director or two. I know they will be more than willing to be interviewed.

The next few weeks is the end of the university semester and final exams and critiques will be administered. Since I teach in the university system, I'll be a bit occupied with my duties and postings will be a bit light. Emails will, of course, be answered promptly.

More to come... see you soon friends.

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