1 Oct, 2004

Dear Readers & Friends, is beginning its 5th year! Can you believe we've made it from such humble beginnings? From the initial launch the site has gone through some significant changes including, clinging to life by barely a thread. The relaunch in July, 2003, brought about more changes, this time in ownership and site redesign. The one thing that has not wavered has been reportage of the visual arts in S.E. Florida. This site is committed to continuing to listen to, learn about, read about, and talking about, visual art in our community and the world.

Last fall MAeX Art Blog was formally added to the site in an effort to quickly note events, trends, and ideas. You are all invited to make comments there, if you so desire. The main purpose of using blog software was to allow comments.

Books continue to be available throughout the site. If you have a copy and would like to review a book, in a paragraph or three, email it and, if it is well written enough it is possible to post it on the site.

We are not through the hurricane season yet but, so far, we've managed to survive them. The financial losses due to loss of income and property well remain with us for a while. I know mine will.


Anyway, best wishes for all.


Onajídé Shabaka


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