Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Miami Art Exchange?

Miami Art Exchange is about Art, Commentary, Reviews, Cultural Critique, Ideas and, Entrepreneurship as it relates to artists, and we also curate and exhibit artist’s work with our Contemporary Art arm, Artlab33 Art Space.

Can anyone write an article on Miami Art Exchange?

Yes, pretty much anyone can write an article. We do try to maintain some standards of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, however. We are open to many ideas. Pitch one.

How do I go about submitting an article?

Read about writing submissions here (including press releases).

Does Miami Art Exchange Hold Meetings for Artists and Others?


Can I Join or Participate?

Yes. To Join we have a Meetup Group: South Florida Artist Entrepreneurs. We have officially maintained this specific Meetup group since July, 2007. To participate click the above link.

What Services does Miami Art Exchange offer besides this website?

Miami Art Exchange offers lectures, workshops, exhibitions, consultations, education, and web development services to both individuals and organizations. In October we organized, “Social Media Bootcamp for Artists,” for Broward Cultural Division at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale.