Miami Performance International Festival ’17

Once again Edge Zones is producing the sixth edition of the Miami Performance International Festival ’17. This year’s festival will be held between June 23-25th, 2017. M/P ’17.

6.23.17 1 pm -04 pm MIAMI BEACH Ocean and 3rdrr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
6.23.17 6 pm -12 am EDGE ZONES ART GALLERY, 3317 NW 7th Cir, FL 33127, MIAMI, FL 33127
6.24.17 6 pm -11 pm EDGE ZONES ART GALLERY, 3317 NW 7th Cir, FL 33127, MIAMI, FL 33127
6.25.17 1 pm – 05 pm MIAMI BEACH BOTANICAL GARDEN – 2000 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Participating Countries: Germany, Chile, Iran, Dominican Republic, USA.
Participating Artists: Stephanie Acosta (NY) | Rev. Houston R. Cypress, Otter Clan| Barbati Confeti – Dominican Republic | Maria Therese Barbist | Rat Bastard| Pip Brant |Jose Garza | Honorable Deamons | Chris Dougnac | Viviana Druga – Germany | Rick Fantasies | GAMBLETRON & JOHNNY FOREVER | Liony Garcia | Audry Horny | Fsik Huvnx | Ironing | Jan and Dave |Navid Memar – Iran | Janler Mendéz – Cuba | Gray Moreau | Muu Blanco || Juju Pie | Bill Orcutt | Sahily Tamayo & Wilmer Diaz | Gustavo Solar – Chile | Sarah Valdez – Pia Lové-Toribio |Spokesperson |

About Edge Zones
Edge Zones has a 14-year history of supporting artistic practices in the public domain. EZ produces events located specifically and contextually in Miami and the Caribbean region through participatory processes. With Miami Performance International Festival, EZ will seek to establish a new network of public engagement in Miami and Miami Beach.

Support by:
The principal sponsors for the Miami Performance International Festival ‘15 are: Edge Zones Project, Florida, USA MoCA North Miami, Miami Dade County-Cultural Affairs Council, Florida State Cultural Affairs Council, Miami Beach Cultural Affairs Council, The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach Regional Library,

Thank you,
Edge Zones Art Center

Edge Zones Art Center
3317 NW 7th Ave. Circle
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