Dark Matter Sweet Earth


November, 2016 thru mid-January, 2017

ArtsUP Concepts, 521 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale

Since opening ArtsUP in January, 2016, owner Neil Ramsay has invited artists to create and install massive aerial displays, best viewed by leaning back as though gazing at the sky. Ending 2016 was a collaborative installation of well known local artists, Gary L. Moore and Curtis V. Hodge.

Twelve feet (3.6 meters) and up Moore created a series of sculptural works in homage of John Michell, a 20th century scientist. Born in 1724, Michell attended Cambridge University and wound up teaching there for a time, before becoming rector of Thornhill, near the town of Leeds. He is described somewhat unflatteringly in contemporary accounts as, “little short man, of black complexion, and fat, who was nonetheless esteemed a very ingenious Man,” and an excellent Philosopher.

However, Michell’s most impressive scientific feat was coming up with the idea of black holes 150 years before any other scientists would start seriously considering the idea, and 200 years before they finally became a part of mainstream science. By his time, the speed of light was generally considered to be a finite quality and had already been calculated with some accuracy, but it hadn’t gained the special place in physics that Albert Einstein and relativity later gave to it with E=mc^2.

The elements of this narrative are displayed in both the sculptural forms and lighting come together at the intersection of the walls and ceiling. While mimicking the act of gazing into the heavens we can chart Michell’s journey.

During Miami Art Week F.A.T. Village art district was not open, but the exhibition will be up and open into January, 2017 for viewing.

Photo Credit Lauren Lightbody_-261.jpg

ArtsUP Concepts, 521 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale