Natural Forces: Broward County Public Art & Design '06 – '09

Miami-Dade Art-in-Public Places has made itself known a bit better in the public’s eye, now Broward County is doing the same.

Michele Oka Doner at Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

Claudia DeMonte & Ed McGowin at Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

Alice Aycock at Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

This exhibition focuses on recently completed public art projects by national and internationally known artists including Chris Jenney, Dan Corson, Ritsuko Taho, McGowen-DeMonte, Lorna Jordan, Alice Aycock, Alison Sky, Bill and Mary Buchen, Wendy Wischer, Robert Calvo, Gilman-Keefer and Harris-Heder. The exhibit will present works by these individual artists who were selected and commissioned to create public works through the Broward Art and Design Department of the Broward Cultural Division. ACCH will exhibit working drawings, models and other preparatory works made during the course of action creating the final commissions, thus revealing important aspects of the creative process, as well as how these large scale art pieces are intended to interface with the public.

There will be a reception and artist talk with internationally known artist Michele Oka Doner Wednesday, October 14, from 6-9 pm. She will discuss her art as well as mingle with attendees during the reception. This special event is part of Natural Forces.

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
1650 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020