Set to Manual at the Girls' Club

Set to Manual at the Girls’ Club

Only the Girls’ Club third exhibition, Set to Manual, focuses on artists who are investigating the handmade. Yeah, that sounds like what artists already do, but many don’t. This exhibition and its artists are “rebelling against the generic, against slick product, against works that derive their meaning solely from art world insider contexts and theoretical supports.” The thirty-one artists include the well known, Peter Fischli and Ellen Gallagher, to local artist we may not know so well.

Girls' Club, Ft. Lauderdale

Mentioned in a previous article, Cornelia Parker‘s, “Thirty Pieces of Silver (exhaled), Oval Tray,” 2003, silver plated trays, knives, forks, etc., suspended from the ceiling about 12 inches off the floor, is a favorite piece (or shall I say pieces). One work that looked differently than expected was Jessica Stockholder‘s, “Swiss Cheese Field 2,” 2009, because it was a relief work unlike the postcard image I had seen of it. No matter, that’s why it’s always better to see the real work and not a reproduction.

With the recent death of Nancy Spero seeing her works is a visual reminder of her significant output, and its great contribution to our history.

The exhibition will be up for several months, so there should be no problem seeing the exhibition.

Girls’ Club is free and open to the public
Wednesday-Friday, 1-5pm, and other times by appointment
Exhibition on view thru Sept 30, 2010

For more info:
Groups are welcome.

Girls' Club, Ft. Lauderdale

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